Our Story



The founding partners, Peter Clucas, Fairfax Gray, James Clucas and Paul Carter, established ClucasGray in September 2005. The vision was to create a highly personalised investment management boutique that offered bespoke portfolio management services to high net worth individuals, families and Trusts.

Unit Trust Offering Established


The unit trust offering was established in January 2009, with the formation of the ClucasGray Future Titans Fund, spearheaded by Brendon Hubbard. The objective was to create a unitised fund which gave clients an opportunity to diversify their private portfolio returns by investing in small- and mid-cap stocks, “Future Titans”.
We have continued to build a focused product range aligned to our skillset of equity selection, asset allocation and innovation in smaller companies. The ClucasGray Equity Fund, an SA only equity fund, was established in October 2011 and the ClucasGray Equilibrium Fund, a Regulation 28 compliant fund, was established in January 2015.

Offshore Offering


With an established domestic private client and unit trust business we expanded our investment services by adding a competitive offshore offering. Chris Sloan was appointed in September 2013 to manage the ClucasGray Global Fund, a focused portfolio of developed market equities. Chris, based in London, brings a wealth of global markets insight to the team.



Guy MacRobert and Grant Morris, both senior Melville Douglas executives, joined as shareholders in the business in June 2014. A relationship was established with Julius Baer, our Swiss based investment partner, with a 125-year history of investment management.

Asset Management


To enhance the Asset Management business, Andrew Vintcent, joined the team as a shareholder in ClucasGray Asset Management. Andrew brings numerous years of institutional fund management experience, to position the business for growth in the retail and institutional space.

Future Endeavours


We maintain our vision to grow as a privately owned investment management boutique with the objective of creating long term real wealth for our clients.