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ClucasGray Future Titans Prescient Fund

ClucasGray Future Titans Prescient Fund

Post on 21 November 2016

A unit trust fund that confines itself to a narrower mandate than its peers and yet out-performs funds in the same sector is often an interesting find. The ClucasGray Future Titans Prescient Fund, managed by Brendon Hubbard, is one such fund.

The fund falls in the South African multi-asset flexible collective investment sub-category and was the top performer in terms of the PlexCrown Ratings, and second-best performer in its sub-catgory over three years with average annual returns of 26.77 percent and 21.63 percent a year respectively to September 30, 2014.

This article lifts the curtain on the success of the fund in this interview with Hubbard. It looks at the performance of the multi-asset flexible collective investment sub-category, asks questions about ClucasGray’s approach, and discovers how portfolio management is much like planning a battle.